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Whether your organization needs financial statements for bank financing, loan covenants, or regulatory compliance, WRR provides you with the highest-quality audit and assurance services. Our staff monitors auditing standards and accounting rules as they continue to evolve and applies them to your situation. Audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements are a compelling advantage whenever you are applying for contracts, keeping investors informed, or trying to receive financing.


Not-For-Profit Audit

Private Companies Audit

Employee Benefit Plans Audit


Business Tax

Private Company Tax

Non-Profit Tax


Management Advising

Internal Control Review

Transactional Guidance


By understanding the issues you face and the creativity required to thrive in your world, our professionals bring you reliable solutions that deliver measurable value to your organization and those you serve. With experience all across the Western United States, we understand the complexity of operating a tax-exempt organization. 

Our audit team is here to help you with your financial reporting needs.  We pride ourselves on being responsive, accessible, and efficient in gathering deep knowledge of our clients and their industries. Audited, reviewed, or compiled financial statements are a compelling advantage whenever you are applying for contracts, keeping investors informed, or trying to receive financing. 

Audits are usually required when you have more than 100 participants in your employee benefit plan, including 403(b), 401(k), and profit-sharing plans.  WRR helps you demonstrate compliance with reporting requirements and fiduciary responsibilities. 


In the constantly changing tax landscape, our clients rely on us for tax planning and right the first time tax return preparation. The next change in the local, state, or federal code can easily affect your taxability, financial picture, and reporting requirements. The partners at WRR work directly with you to implement strategies that keep you ahead of those changes, minimize our taxability and maximize your cash flow. Whether your business is an S-corporation, C-corporation, LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship, tax planning is essential. WRR takes the time to understand your business and goals to map out your tax strategy. We identify risks in complex transactions and help you with compliance requirements.

Are you wondering how to reduce the taxable gain from the sale of real property? Do you have an upcoming audit with a tax authority? Are you looking for a more-responsive firm to prepare your taxes? At WRR you’ll work directly with partners to align your tax strategy with your business goals.

Whether you're looking for personal tax strategies or financial counseling, WRR keeps to date with the latest changes in tax laws. Our business clients also engage us for personal and family tax planning. Having your personal accountant understand your business environment allows you to benefit from a deeper perspective for your decision-making.

WRR has extensive compliance and tax experience with many different types of not-for-profit organizations which include private schools, museums, private foundations, social service agencies, membership organizations, and labor unions. Our expertise with tax-exempt organizations will help you project a positive image to IRS Form 990 readers. 


With expertise that comes from decades of local and regional work across a broad spectrum of businesses, WRR offers advisory services that go far beyond the traditional accounting disciplines of tax preparation and audits.  Clients in a variety of industries and tax situations rely on us for advice on business best practices, transactional support, and internal controls over financial assets. 

WRR’s clients value our longstanding relationships and deep understanding of local market conditions for perspective on acquisitions, sales, buyouts, employee stock ownership/option plan (ESOP) reporting, and estate planning. WRR consults with entrepreneurs and business owners on improving organizational structure, developing compensation programs, and preparing for the impact of business cycles.

You can mitigate business risks by implementing the right internal controls. We help you strengthen your corporate governance, improve controls and establish proper directives for your organization. WRR can review the controls you’ve implemented, provide suggestions for improvement, and report on any risk of material misstatement.  

Don't forget to look before you leap. Every strategic move has consequences, many of them taxable. Before you make your next big move, ask WRR for a 360-degree view of modeling, financial analysis, and tax planning strategies. Our clients rely on us for several types of guidance: Purchase and Sale, Due Diligence, Internal Controls, Software Selection & Accounting Best Practices

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