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West Rhode & Roberts offers advisory services that go far beyond the traditional accounting disciplines of tax preparation and audits.

WRR’s clients value our longstanding relationships and deep understanding of local market conditions for perspective on acquisitions, sales, buyouts, employee stock ownership/option plan (ESOP) reporting and estate planning.

Management Advising

Internal Control Review

You can mitigate business risks by implementing the right internal controls. We help you strengthen your corporate governance, improve controls and establish proper directives for your organization.

Our clients rely on us for several types of guidance:

  • Purchase/sale

  • Due diligence

  • Transactional tax planning

Transactional Guidance

  • Internal controls

  • Software selection

  • Accounting best practices

Management Advisory 

Want to take the next step with your company but can’t get out of day-to-day operations? West Rhode & Roberts consults with entrepreneurs and business owners on improving organizational structure, developing compensation programs, planning business succession, containing costs and preparing for the impact of business cycles.

Avoid an Internal Control Breakdown

A breakdown in internal controls can lead to unexplained losses and even fraud. West Rhode & Roberts can review the controls you’ve implemented, provide suggestions for improvement and report on any risk of material misstatement.  

Look Before You Leap

Every strategic move has consequences, many of them taxable. Before you make your next big move, ask West Rhode & Roberts for a 360-degree view with modeling, financial analysis, and tax planning strategies.

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